About Us


Laura and Mary Kwiatkowski are sisters who share a love for TV, rollercoasters, and spending time with their family. Laura and Mary grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia where they spent most of their time building forts in the woods and playing Nancy Drew computer games. At a young age, they discovered their love for both watching and making movies (Laura in front of the camera, and Mary behind it). Both girls graduated from Virginia Tech and now work full-time in their respective fields (Laura in Education, and Mary in Software Development). The girls decided that starting a podcast about some of their favorite nostalgic topics would be a great way to stay connected.


Mary Kwiatkowski
Part-time podcaster, full-time candy enthusiast. Mary can typically be found running, procrastinating, and of course, discussing tv. Find her reality tv podcasts at Rob Has a Website. Follow her @FrailMary: twitter, instagram, youtube, tiktok
Host: Revenge Cast, Riverdale Recap, Survivor All Stars, Twifight, M(ary)CU, The Haunting of Hill House
Laura Kwiatkowski
Lover of hiking, going to wineries, and all things The Bachelor. After graduating with her masters from UVA, Laura is excited to start her new career as a first grade teacher!
Host: Revenge Cast


Kirsten MacInnis
Kirsten is a proud owner of 2 cats, a Canadian accent, and hates the word “daddy”. Find her reality tv podcasts at Rob Has a Website. Follow her @Kirstensaidwhat: twitter, instagram, tiktok
Co-host: Riverdale Recap
Hanna Elam
Hanna is a bread-maker, who compensates for her sweet tooth by also being an avid runner. She gladly tolerates her role as the ‘level head’ on the Riverdale Recap Podcast, always trying to justify the craziness. Follow her @hannav.exe: instagram
Co-host: Riverdale Recap (S1&2), The Haunting of Hill House
Rachel Stukenborg
Rachel Stukenborg is the KowSkiCast’s in-house Twilight hater, but on the flip side she’s a lover of long-distance road races, live music, Nintendo, reading books slowly, and thermodynamics. Catch Rachel on the “con” side of TwiFight or follow her @stuuuken: twitter
Co-host: Twifight
Matt Liguori
A defender of unpopular Survivor seasons, Matt is your average reality TV superfan, who can often be found live tweeting all things Big Brother, The Challenge, and of course, Survivor. Find his reality tv podcasts at Rob Has a Website, his MTV Challenge podcasts at The Dom and Colin Podcast, and his Glee rewatch podcasts at The Choir Room. Follow him @mattliguori: twitter
Co-host: Survivor All Stars