TwiFight – Twilight 13&14 ft. Keith Montminy


This week on the ‘thirstiest’ episode of TwiFight yet, Rachel’s boyfriend Keith gives us his causal takes on Edward, Bella, and all things Twilight! We finally discuss the meadow, Mary reveals her 8th grade undercover Twilight operation, and Rachel realizes Edward is actually just a boomer. Make sure you put on your Tag Body Spray, ‘do a hug’, and eat some lasagna, because EDWARD IN THE SUNLIGHT WAS SHOCKING! #SmellyGood

-Special appearance by Laura Kwiatkowski

-Intro music by Will from America

-Fake Ad music by Dave Kwiatkowski

The image Keith was guessing from


TwiFight episodes will be released weekly. Hosted by Mary Kwiatkowski and Rachel Stukenborg. Intro music by Will from America.


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